Dog Poop Business Service Poop & bathroom related issues.

Poop scooping business

It's a disgusting job that nobody enjoys doing, so many people are paying others to get the poop off their lawns! With most services charging around $15+ weekly, it's quickly becoming a multi-million dollar industry.

What you and your employees will do.
Travel to people's yards & lawns to clean up dog poop, deer poop, and any other kind of poop. Property and pet owners no longer have to spend time cleaning disgusting doo doo.

How to start a poop scooping business.
This is a great side business you can start part-time. Canvas neighborhoods with fliers promoting your poop scooping business. Get a steady client base and you're in business! To start out, you might schedule mornings to cleaning poop. Once that task is completed, spend the remaining time acquiring more customers, usually people with middle class to upper class income levels.

The work itself can be quite difficult to swallow. Telling others what you do to make money and prospecting for new business may cause others to think less of you, but don't give up! Be proud of who you are and relish the fact that you get to work outside for a living. Note that it may cause discomfort to your senses when you have to lug loads of dog poop around in the trunk of your car, but don't fret. You will eventually be able to afford to purchase a company car or rent a truck to carry all the poop.