Send Poop Gifts Poop & bathroom related issues.

Sending Poop Gifts

I highly question the legality and lawful implications, there are several websites that offer to send poop or fake poop to you or a designated recipient.

Feces is disgusting. It smells foul and looks terrible. Perhaps this is why poop has become an increasingly popular item to send.

What you and your employees will do.
Collect poop. It can be animal poop or human poop. Then ship it to the designated address.

How to start a poop sending business.
Starting a poop sending operation shouldn't be too difficult. Consult a lawyer to determine the legality of this operation. Then put a few ads up in the local paper or on the internet. When your customers place an order, simply place the poop in proper packaging and ship it off!

Be cautious should you try to start this business venture. Do you want to be an instrument that causes repulsion? Also, less than happy recipients of your services may retaliate with similar gifts.